Mason Jar Whipped Cream

spoon with whipped cream

When I realized how simple it was to make City Bakery pumpkin pie, I knew I wanted to try mason jar whipped cream. The pumpkin pie did not require any special tools like a stand mixer, only a bowl and a wooden spoon. To make the whipped cream, I needed only a jar with a lid, plus the ingredients.




  1. Place the jar with lid in the freezer for at least 15 minutes before making the whipping cream.
  2. Place the sugar and the cream into the cold jar and shake.
  3. and shake.
  4. and shake
  5. for 5 minutes. At about the fourth minute, you can tell the liquid is getting stiffer. At exactly 5 minutes, open the lid and you’ll be amazed that the liquid has in fact become the perfect consistency of whipped cream.
  6. Put a dollop on any dessert!


This is the perfect thing to make with kids. It’s practically a science project and it takes only 5 minutes from start to finish.

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