DIY Thieves Wipes

Jar with paper towels inside being pulled out of container

Wipes made from 1/2 roll paper towels, Thieves Concentrate, water & essential oils.




  1. Cut a roll of Select-a-Size paper towels in half with a sharp knife. (save the other half for the next batch).
  2. Remove the cardboard tube
  3. Mix together the water, Thieves concentrate and essential oils
  4. Pour half the mixture into the bottom of the glass container and add in the paper towels
  5. Pour the remainder around the sides of the container
  6. Put on a secure lid and turn upside down for the towels to become drenched.
  7. Turn and pull a towel from the middle.


I used a jar from Ikea and this one from Crate & Barrel. Both have secure lids, but lids that come off easily and quickly since you’ll be reaching for them a lot!