Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I took a walk through town a few minutes ago….taking a break from watching the coverage of all the devastation.  Although for the most part trick-or-treating has been postponed, there were a few out and about so I hurried home, lit candles and filled my candy bowl.  Stay safe!


  • kim

    Annie, Sounds like the storm passed you all by. Glad you are safe!
    Enjoy your Halloween.

    • annie

      Actually most of our town is still without power. Many trees down, but decided not to include any photos since the news is covering it 24 hours a day. It is terribly sad for so many.

  • Karen

    Yes, the news is so sad Annie!. Sorry your town is mostly without power, but so glad to hear you and your family are safe, warm and dry. I hope you get some trick-or-treaters…that will be a little cheery at least. Take care.

  • Karen

    P.S. I LOVE the long trail of pumpkins….so neat looking!

  • flwjane

    So glad we postponed our trip to your state this weekend. harrowing is the word that comes to mine.

    Hugs to you and yours and prayers for those in New York and New Jersey.

    xo Jane

  • classic•casual•home

    Relieved to hear you are fine. Keep that positive attitude.

  • Lynne

    I am so glad you are all okay.
    You have all been in my thoughts and prayers.
    w/ L.

  • jackie @ marin mama cooks

    Hi Annie. I’m glad you got out and about and connected with nature. Getting outside always makes me feel better, and it just makes me appreciate the beauty and the peacefulness of nature, when nature is being calm and peaceful. I feel safer and calmer when I can hear the birds chirping and the animals scurrying about. I pray everyday that earth will find a natural balance with us and evolve peacefully and beautifully. I’m tired of seeing devastation and ruin. I want to see a peaceful planet again, one where we’re all in balance with nature and our fellow human beings. I think if we all just get quiet each day and try to send loving thoughts to mother earth, she will respond. I truly believe that. Ok, you’re seeing my spiritual side here. I know it totally a Cali thing!

    I’m feeling terrible for what has happened back east as I have a lot of friends and family there. I am thankful that they are all ok and that you and your family are ok. I’m sending you all light and good thoughts!

  • Steve@UrbanCottage

    Love the pumpkin path. Was that set up to guide trick-or-treaters to their front door? That’s not your house, right?

  • Nancy... Noticed

    Glad you’re safe! Your Halloween picture is a Classic!

  • stefanie wall swain

    So glad your family is safe and sound! I hope the town has power by now (or very very soon).
    On a more trivial note, I’m fainting if that is your house on that beautiful piece of land…gorgeous in every way!!

  • Londen

    Happy to hear you and your family are ok. We just had a few very windy days here in Chicago but that is not to unusual:)
    Please post more pictures of your old charming home.

  • Nancy C.

    Glad you are all safe. I was just looking at your blogs from your California home to get ideas about board and batten. What I noticed was how often you used to write about food and share recipes. I had forgotten that, and miss seeing your tasty creations. When things return to normal, it would be nice to see you post more recipes and pictures…they are so inspiring!

  • Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

    Glad you made it through OK. We just got our power back within the last hour, and I’m getting my blog fix!

  • Ashlyn@Pinecone

    Hi Annie, I hope things are returning a little more to normal in your town. It is so sad to watch all the coverage.

    We have been a little crazier around here than normal, so I haven’t been checking in on the blogs as much. Hope you are all doing well!!!

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