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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

With only a few weeks left in California I decided it was time to make the rounds at some of my favorite stores one last time and in the process I found a new one.  Last week I stopped in to one of our favorite taco shops (Las Golondrinas) to pick up mini burritos for my kids and the thrift store next door had a desk and a pair of chairs I just had to buy. ($100 for all three).  I read about Marianne’s experience with Annie Sloan Paint so that led me here.  La Casa Verde de Granada is just off the main shopping street in downtown San Clemente and it’s filled with all kinds of treasures.  Because it’s a co-op they are able to keep prices like what you would find at a flea market.la casa de verde de granada, San Clemente, CA, beach cities, Annie Sloan paint

La casa de Verde, San Clemente, CA, Annie Sloan paintDana Point Nursery, Southern California Beach CitiesAll along the beach cities you see surfers.  The sound of them riding by on their skate boards in the early morning always makes me smile.  As if surfing weren’t enough of a workout they ride their bikes (like above) or skateboards to the beach…I just love their passion.  Dana Point Nursery along PCH is one pf my favorite places to stop for a hostess gift or something for my own garden.   It has the greatest selection of succulents and it is spotless and well cared for by a knowledgeable staff.Dana Point Nursery, succulentsdesk to be painted with Annie Sloan Chalk paintI bought Annie Sloan Chalk paint in graphite and since I apparently seem to think I have loads of free time I am going to paint the desk before moving.  Mostly because I know myself and when we get to our new house I’m going to want to get settled right away.  And having this piece painted now will make me happy on that end.  I’m thinking of a Kartell chair in red, but something tells me Patrick’s going to want a chair on wheels.  I’ll probably go to Ikea and save a couple hundred bucks.Wicker chairs from thrift store

How could I pass these up?   The chairs are very sturdy and I have one in the foam & fabric shop right now.  Madeline’s new room has a sun room much like her “little” room as we call it here.   “I think these in a bright pink will be perfect.  On Friday I’m meeting Mary Ann from Classic.Casual.Home for one last trip to RJ Imports in San Juan Capistrano.  What treasures have you found lately?


  • the gardeners cottage

    oh annie i can’t believe you are leaving california. i know you have such a great adventure ahead of you and i will be right here glued to see what your new beautiful house looks like after your magic touch. i adore those chairs! and that desk is killer too. xo

  • Ashlyn@Pinecone

    It is always a great idea to make the rounds of all your favorite places before you have to move. Say all your goodbyes.

    When you talked about the surfers, it brought back such memories of me with my three in a stroller watching the local kids getting out of school in Seal Beach and seeing them walking down the little main street headed for the beach. I remember thinking I would love for my kids to have a childhood like that – but of course we left CA much sooner.

    I think your new desk is going to look beautiful in graphite – and I am really excited to see how it turns out.
    How cool is it that Madeline will have a sunroom! xo

  • kim

    Annie, Love all those shops down there. You got some great finds. The desk is pretty now, but I’m sure the graphite will look amazing too. The chairs in pink will be really something. I can’t wait to see what they look like.

    Wish you weren’t moving from California, but I wish you well. I look forward to learning more about the East coast and seeing your finds there!


  • Pam @ Simple Details

    Wonderful classic finds, Annie! I can picture them all spiffed up, I’ll be anxious to see them in your new home!

  • Marianne

    Cannot wait to see how the desk paints out. I know it’s going to look amazing in graphite! Wish I lived closer to go shopping with you and Mary Ann. I have a feeling you two are quite the team and surely have an absolute blast when you’re together! xo

  • Amelia

    Wait until you get to Connecticut, you’ll have a field day. Stamford is well known for their antiques/thirft stores which can be dangerous! I love that desk and love your idea for it, same with the chairs. Can’t wait to see the finished product…but I guess we’ll have to.

  • The Buzz Blog

    Look at all those lovely succulents at the foot of that statue! Can’t wait to shop you around our little stores in NC. Too bad you’re not here yet as we’re having an event tomorrow night. 🙁

  • Steve@UrbanCottage

    I’m eager to hear what you think of the Annie Sloan paint. Some people seem to love it, others seem to hate it. The graphite color is the one I like best too. I think that desk is going to look handsome.

    I know your California peeps are sad to see you go, but we on the East Coast are thrilled to have you heading our way. Red Sox fans included.

  • Gwen Rogers

    Annie, I followed you to your new wordpress location, and couldn’t help but smile as your post took me to downtown San Clemente. Del Mar, starting at the “top” with wonderful shops and restaurants and eventually ending at the pier, is my most favorite street in all of southern California and simply LOVELY to think about today as the temperature here in the desert is rising. We will be thinking of you and Brent and the kids as you make the move back to Connecticut.

  • Nancy... Noticed

    What wonderful finds for your new home… You have a great eye and lots of energy to paint before the move!

    While on the northern Ca. coast last week, I walked through many exciting shops from Big Sur to Mendocino, no purchase’s this time. However, we have three chairs in our home from antique and thrift shops along the PCH while living in Orange Co. nearly 20 years ago! They’re my favorite’s, lot’s of character!

  • Linda

    Annie! I can’t believe we’ve missed becoming friends by theese much! (hold thumb and pointer finger close together) I happen to have a post “in the works” about La Casa Verde AND also love Dana Point Nursery for their inspirational use of potted sedum.

    Maybe Mary Ann will be open to taking me in as her new south county blogger gal pal? (after a proper mourning period of course)

    You will only have really old (true antiques) to learn about in Connecticut – how great will that be?! 🙂

    Watch for me on Friday as my Mom and niece are visiting from Portland and we happen to have San Juan on our to do list.

    Safe travels! Looking forward (along with everyone else) to seeing photos of your new home.


    • Linda

      And I forgot to ask “foam and fabric shop” you mentioned above…is it the one called just that? Foam and Fabrics? (south end of San Clemente)

      I worked there a couple of days a week last May – December as “the fabric girl”.

      Wonder if we’ve met? 🙂

  • Courtney D

    Great finds Annie! Love all of them! The chairs are going to be amazing. Can’t wait to see what you do with them. I need to find a desk like that!

  • classic•casual•home

    Sob! Tears. Depression. More sobbing. Sure you have to go???

    See you on the East Coast in the Fall, I hope.

  • jackie @ marin mama cooks

    Hi Annie. Best of luck on your move. I’m sure it’s hard leaving the West coast, but it helps that you’re moving back home where you have friends and history. I would have a difficult time leaving California as I have become so use to the laid back vibe and water views at every turn. Can’t wait to see your new house and all the beautiful things you will do to it to make it your home.


  • Louise

    Thanks for sharing these photos. All these places look so pretty and inviting.

    Thanks also for your comment on my blog. Re: your question about the Clarisonic, I was an early adopter and I reviewed it on my blog on a few occasions, including here. I used to use it on a daily basis and recommended it to everyone I knew. However, last fall, I reviewed a line of skincare and stopped using the brush. I found that my skin actually started to look better without it! I wrote about my experience here, just after Garance Doré wrote a piece about the brush, saying that her dermatologist had advised her not to use it. I tried using it again recently and it made my skin really uncomfortable. I would say it may be too harsh for delicate and sensitive skin types, and it may be worth trying an AHA-based exfoliating lotion instead.

  • René

    I agree, those chairs in pink would be wonderful! How fun to meet Mary Ann. Would love to pop over and have lunch with both of you!

  • Tabitha

    Surfers and skateboarders – yes for me too this is the sight and sound of California.
    Those chairs are wonderful, there is nothing like that in the shops around here, just heavy ugly old mahogany antiques.

    Wherever you live in the world Annie will always be beautiful, you have a gift.

  • Czarina

    Oh my God! Such lovely pictures and content. I am now a fan. xoxo

  • K @ Shift Ctrl ART

    Thank you so much for posting these stores. I always think that I have to go north to get anything good. I will post about my finds 🙂 Thank YOU!!!

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