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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I love initials, monograms, signs…basically letters.  Even those little mailbox letters and numbers from the hardware store.  I cannot pass by a hardware store in a city or a town…drives my kids a little nuts, but I love to look around.  For years I’ve been collecting these reflective letters that come in different fonts, sizes, some in italic, gold, black, white….the basics.  I’m charmed by these letters, but not at all for their conventional use.  I would not want to see these on my mail box, but on old amber bottles to label my shampoo and conditioner, yes.  For wrapping gifts, yes there too.    Everyone loves their own initial, right?  amber bottles repurposed for shampoo and conditioner with mailbox letters IMG_9946 IMG_9949 IMG_9953 IMG_9955 IMG_9958


  • Jennifer

    Reading you post today and it made me think of my father. He loves a good hardware store and his favorite is a local one near his home in Virginia..Purcellville. My dad loves it because it is old fashioned…they write up your ticket/bill by hand and you can buy nails by the scoop. They also have all kinds of great things for the house and kitchen. You inspired me to use house and mailbox letter as monograms! Love it! Thank you for reminding me to check out a local hardware store today!

  • pve

    fantastic, I just picked up some OXO dispensers for Shampoo and Conditioner and I know just where to go for and S & a C.
    Thanks for all the inspiring letters, gifts and artful ideas.

  • Sue/the view from great island

    Annie I think you were a typesetter in a previous life! There is a website you would love, I have to track it down and send it to you…It has a huge database of vintage type setting letters and they’ve digitized it so you can customize your own messages etc right on line…I’ll see if I can find it for you.

  • fric and frac

    I share your love of letters and numbers – and hardware stores! I always pick up flashcards and found objects with numbers and letters at junk shops and flea markets to use when wrapping presents or to hang on the wall amidst other pictures. Love the amber bottles with letters in the first picture – so cute!

  • Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

    my husband is the hardware store fanatic in our house. Cute ideas to use the letters in different ways!

  • The Buzz Blog

    How creative and crafty, Annie. And love the amber bottles for the shower – so much more elegant than the plastic ones from the store! Hope you’re having a great week.
    C + C

  • Nancy... Noticed

    Your love for letters of all shapes and sizes is the school teacher in you and I’m with you! I also like to roar around hardware stores, espeaically the old classics with the uneven wood floors, the smell of nails and the emplyess who know everything about nuts & bolts!! It reminds me of shopping with my Grandpa as a child!!

    Styleish S & C bottles!! Next year I’m going to add letters to all our Christmas presents! You should be in advertising!

  • flwjane

    We have a hardware store right by the flower shop, Cherrydale Hardware. Yesterday someone helped me find the right thickness of wood to hang a light quil, cut the slat to 53″ and then sized Velcro to fit.

    They give us open bags of mulch and potting soil.bag our nails and lend us lanterns when the power goes out.

    The right hardware store can turn a city into a village.

    Love your letters. Now I don’t feel funny about gazing longingly at the stencils.

    xo Jane

  • the gardeners cottage

    oh i love how you have used these annie. i love letters too. my signature giftwrap is a white bag with a single black initial on it. love the shampoo and conditioner bottles.

  • Karen

    I love letters too Annie….so cute on the old amber bottles…clever idea. Love the gray/black wrapping paper…looks so cute with the bakers twine and letters. And you’re right….everyone loves their own initial…very cute.

    Have a great evening Annie.

  • Ashlyn@Pinecone

    Love this idea Annie. This whole idea and the photos and your letter usage… look straight out of a magazine!!


  • Kathy

    I, too, share your love of letters. Those amber shampoo bottles are especially beautiful.

  • Amber

    S and C, simple and genius. I love this idea, much prettier than my plasitc gallon-o-shampoo bottles! What do you have going on there with that soap too? It’s just as pretty.


  • Michelle

    You are not alone I am obsessed by letters as well!
    I love the shampoo and conditioner bottles they look so stylish … but honestly I would be too lazy to decanter mine!

  • Kelly@Bungalow Blue

    So charming and unique! Would never have thought to put them on my shampoo/conditioner bottles, but they turned out so lovely!

  • Punctuation Mark

    this is such a great way to personalize a gift… very cute!

  • Tabitha

    Oh me too, those packages are beautiful, there is only one real ironmongers left here in my area now, such a shame.

  • Marianne

    Once again, you have come up with another brilliant idea! Love the shampoo and conditioner bottles. So very chic!

  • jackie @ marin mama cooks

    Seriously Annie! You continue to amaze me with all of your talents. Are you for hire? You’re so talented and I keep telling that to you because I want to drill it in your brain. When are you opening a store or creating a book loaded with all of your great design and event planning ideas? You are better than Martha girl and I’m not fibbing or saying it to be nice. I’m totally pinning everything on this post! xoxo, your west coast buddy!

  • Tracy

    Found this blog via decor8. Very cool! Love these ideas! Gotta find me some matte black paper for wrapping! Thanks for the inspiration!

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