Laundry Day in Tuscany

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Laundry day seems to be everyday in Tuscany.  As we drove through towns and villages and walked through the city streets…it seems everyone hangs their laundry out to dry during the summer months.   In the United States, clotheslines were once a fixture in every suburban backyard and even in small backyards in more urban areas.  It seems that now many have resorted to the more convenient method of the dryer.  Not so in Italy.  Everywhere we went, town after town, city street after city street, it was hard to not see a display of clothes hanging to dry.  I loved it!  As soon as we arrived home, my husband hung one line from tree to tree and now I hang my clothes and sheets out to dry almost every day.  So what do you think?  Do you air dry your clothes or would you consider it?

Laundry Day in Tuscany

Laundry Day in Tuscany

Laundry Day in Siena, Tuscany

Laundry Day in San Gimignano

Laundry is done for the day in Siena, Tuscany

All done.



  • Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

    I love the smell of laundry fresh from the sun! I haven’t done it in years though. I wish I had taken a photo of all of kate’s pink tiny baby things all in a row. So darling!

  • Mary-Irene

    A very simple luxury! When I was little, hanging laundry was one of my chores. I found it to be so unpleasant, even though it took virtually no time at all. I have not seen anyone hang laundry these days. You may be the one to bring back this energy – saving trend, Annie!

  • Lily

    Gorgeous! love Italy and this old-fashioned practice.

    x Lily

  • Kathy

    A couple years ago when I switched our bed sheets to linen, I started hanging them to dry. I wash them in lavender detergent. That with the fresh air makes for delightful smelling sheets. Linen dries quickly, so it does not take long and is certainly worth the effort. I miss the routine during the depths of winter, when it is not possible where I live. Your Italy trip sounds wonderful.

  • classic•casual•home

    I bet the bedding smells great.

  • Jennifer

    When I was little, we had a clothesline in the back yard. My mother mostly dried our sheets and towels on the line and I loved the smell of fresh air dried sheets when I climbed into bed. Over the years, our family has lived in many homes…some with clothes lines. Several years ago we were looking for a home and one of the many reasons we purchased it was because it had a clothesline. Although I don’t live there now, I still love the idea of hanging out the clothes to dry. Thank you the lovely reminder to appreciate the simplicity joy in a daily task. Beautiful photos!

  • Michelle

    love hearing about your travels and the little things you notice!

  • Karen

    Your photos are so great, Annie. I love the hanging clothes…looks so quaint against the beautiful old buildings. Pretty cool that there are clothes lines even in the tall buildings.

  • Patricia Mason

    My parents were both British, and once we moved to the US when I was a child, my Mother was never without her clothesline. One of the first things she did when we moved into a new house, was to string up the clothes line. She always hung out our laundry (as much as you can in Cleveland OH) and continued until she left us at the age of 88….. I hang out my clothes all summer, and sometimes in the winter, will resort to hanging them down in my “furnace room” in the basement.

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