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Friday, February 22, 2013

It has always been about the little things…and nothing makes me happier than a cup of tea, waiting for the kids to get home, and the afternoon light…I snapped these all in about a 5 minute span.  A little bit of sunshine on a cold windy day takes away the chill…sort of.  To make the photo collages I am using Posterino.  flea_market_china_and_little_square_dishes_from_Paris

the little things:ny:souveniers:ticketsI collect quite a few things.  Statue of Liberty collection is next to a favorite photo of Madeline hailing a cab, age 4.  My little wooden drawers I used for this years advent wreath were lined with bits of fabric and are the perfect catch all for controls and eye glasses.  Mixed up candle sticks and a few of my favorite rocks…heart shaped ones and those that Patrick used to collect for me and one from Sedona where we were engaged.the little things-pendleton, china, booksA Pendleton blanket found at a flea market that had never been out of the car bag.  Collection of beads from The Groves Antique  Market in Southern California and a few little dishes.the little things, candle, pineconesMini pinecones that I picked up on the driveway in a Simon Pearce pitcher and my favorite candle from Terrain on rocks collected on our trip to Jamaica.collection_of_booksSo what do you collect and how do you display it?  I would love to know!


  • Lori H

    I only collect useful items as I can’t stand having more things to dust 🙂 I collect silver napkin rings, preferably with monograms (rarely my own!). I store them in a cabinet in a lined basket. When I have the money I love to add to my white dish collection.

  • Tabitha

    Annie, your little things are always much more beautiful than my little things!
    I don’t collect anything , but we do trip over books.

  • the gardeners cottage

    everything is lovely annie. but the photo of madeliene hailing a cab? omg, priceless!

  • linda ransdell

    Annie, I too am a collector of rocks. In addition to rocks, I collect sand from beaches and river banks that we have visited. I put the sand in small spice jars and attach a shell, if available, to the top. They are lined up in a window at our lake house. A small label on the bottom reminds us of our travels.


  • rebecca

    Well, WE trip over books here, too! Decorative tins, candlesticks, “naive” floral paintings, Christmas trees…and the list goes on and on….

  • Karen

    Oh Annie, you make me want to learn how to shoot good photos…sigh…all of yours are so pretty.

    I love that your collections have such special meaning to you and your family and you display them in such beautiful ways…you have a gift for that.

    Best of all? The photo of Madeline hailing a cab….TO DIE FOR….so precious!!!

  • Decor Arts Now

    Oh my goodnesss Annie, I love your blog. Your photography skills are amazing. (when it comes to my photo skills I just get lucky every once in a while!) :-))

  • Sue/the view from great island

    All your collections make me smile. I’m a huge collector from way back, but all of our recent moves have forced me to pare down quite a bit. One of my informal collections is vintage plaid car and picnic blankets, I’m just smitten with plaid. And I didn’t know you got engaged in Sedona, I’ve spent a lot of time there, my parents retired there for about 14 years, and we spent most holidays there when my kids were young. I love it!

  • Steve@UrbanCottage

    So how are you feeling about your first winter back east? With news of another storm coming, I’m just about done.

  • Debra

    I collect vintage souvenir wallets from the 60s, I have them hanging on a rack in my bedroom. And I use them,– every month or so I change wallets. I get some interesting looks from clerks when I bring them out to pay

  • Patricia

    Lovely post and pics ! So happy to see someone else besides me that collects rocks ! I have rocks from all over the country from our travels. A brought a rock home from Pebble Beach in California that forced me to pay extra for over weight baggage !!

  • pve

    What do I collect. Stacks of wood to make a fire. Staples in my pantry to prepare a good meal. Wines to taste. Art to admire.
    Soft cozy cashmere to wear and feel warm. I guess all my senses need to be inspired by what I collect….like you.

  • Nancy... Noticed

    Your many collections are fun to see in your photo collages! It tell alot about your interest and artists personaliity! Mad in Manhattan is darling and Patrick’s heart shaped rocks are cherished keepsakes! Love the stacks & heaps of books… so cozy!

    My collections are antique signs ( I only have a few… all meaningful), rocks from Minnesota’s North Shore on Lake Superior were we spend cabin time each summer and our sons many framed art projects since kindergarten!

  • Jennifer

    Hi Annie, thank you reminding me to think of the things I collect! I collect silver spoons, this collection started on an antique outing with my parents, aunt, uncle, and a large group of siblings and cousins..I think we were 13 children in all and the antique shop people were surprisingly welcoming. My first spoon was purchased in a store on the Boston Post Road in Connecticut (Old Saybrook). My spoon collection led to a collection of glass “spooners” and I search for them every time I go thrifting or antiquing. Other things I collect, tiny butter plates from France, and books. My love of books has kept me both reading and searching for the next best read. I have stacks of them in every room. Oh, almost forgot, I collect shells, rocks, and sea glass (dark blue glass is my favorite)…I store them in bowls and glass containers. Thank you for sharing such beautiful photos. Your collections are beautiful! Enjoy the evening!

  • jackie @ marin mama cooks

    Hi Annie! It really is about the little things in life, right? Today was full of happy little things. It was warm and sunny and I went for the best hike/run along the bay and then took the kids for a spontaneous lunch at one of our favorite spots. We sat outside and basked in the sun. To top it off John pulled down our old rollerblades and we went rollerblading while the kids biked alongside of us. It was just one of those days that I just wanted to bottle up.
    I’m the same way, I get excited for the kids to come home each day. I also love the hustle and bustle of each morning, getting the kids off to school, walking Eli into his class everyday. It all just energizes me and make me feel so happy to be alive and a mom! I love those heart rocks! xoxo, Jackie

  • classic•casual•home

    Annie: I had to change my comment specifications as I have been flooded with spam. Google screens it, but it all still lands in my MSN box. So, I took anonymous comments off. It’s either that or do word verification. Which is worse?

    Your photography is sooo pretty. I collect little pitchers and bowls…and I actually use them all the time.

  • Marianne

    I love the little things! I collect ironstone. Wish I had room for more, but I either need to stop buying it or add on to the house!

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