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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

…Becker of course.  I finally purchased the Decorate workshop book and have been using it constantly.  It really is a book that you “use.”  I write notes, make lists.  Holly makes you think about how and why you are creating a space and for whom as well.  I love Holly’s approach and it has made me look even further into each space and corner of my house.  After a little time spent with this book today I was inspired to get busy around here.  So many projects.  What are you working on?    Do you have this book?#Decorate_Workshop_Holly_Beckerdecorating_with_whiteIn the kitchen I used the little white planter from Ikea  to hold sponges and dish soap.  A stack of white towels.  I never buy the same brand, but stacked every other gives it a pattern and a candle is always burning in the kitchen.  Our little owl from west elm was put away after Halloween, but I recently brought him back to rest on the stair landing along with a votive in a weck jar.


  • the gardeners cottage

    i have never heard of this book annie. thank for sharing. i will have to check it out. i can’t imagine your house needing anything! xo

  • kim

    I have the first Decorate book and will look for this. I like how you have all your notes in it!

    The little pot is so pretty to hold your soaps. It’s the little details like that and your towels that make all the difference! Love it. You have inspired me now to redo the kitchen… And you find the best things at IKEA!

    By the way, really enjoyed your posts of New York and all the photos. Not sure if I got to comment -it’s been so busy.
    I’m a tea lover too and always like afternoon tea!


  • Janelle @ Two Cups of Happy

    I like how soothing the white is in your space, especially those neatly folded towels. Something about white towels says luxury to me, even if they aren’t expensive ones. Oh, and I also have branches in a tall glass vase. It’s nice to bring nature inside.

  • Marianne

    I have not heard of this book, but I have a feeling it’s right up my alley! I only buy white towels, too. Always have, always will!

  • classic•casual•home

    Oh how can I have more thoughts about decorating? Well, if you say I need this book, I guess i do.

  • Amber

    I’m a frustrated decorator right now! Maybe I should get this book to help me. I’m trying to update my kitchen. It’s dark everything and I want white everything. Ha! I’m trying to be super resourceful and have been hunting down stuff on Craigslist, I’m mean really hunting stuff down. I’m driving all over SoCal trying to save a little here, save a little there so I can get this done on a tight budget. I will be glad I did it this way in the long run, but it sure makes the process longer! I might just try to paint my cabinets myself, but I’m scared to tackle it.

  • pve

    I have always been a list maker and lately I have been making lots of lists of lovely things that inspire me and give me gratitude.
    I have the same towels in a deep charcoal that my sister sent to me. I love all your whites. Great book. I must get that!

  • Tricia

    I have been meaning to get this book, I need a little inspiration.

  • jackie @ marin mama cooks

    Great book recommendation Annie. I will have to check it out. I can decorate a room well with fabrics and furniture, but when it comes down to the accessories, I always have a difficult time. My bookshelves need major help! I have done a few smallish cool things around the house. I picked up one of those turquoise ceramic egg holders from Anthropologie for Zoe’s room to store her earrings in. I also store my 2 sponges in this crisp white ramekin by my sink. I like the idea of storing the dish soap and possibly some dish towels rolled up in a planter or container. I was also thinking of getting some sort of cute container for my kitchen island to store some cute rolled up cloth napkins, spoons and forks for quick and easy access. I saw that idea at a restaurant and thought how cool it would be to replicate that at home. It’s all about family style! As always, you inspire me! xoxo, Jackie

  • Karen

    I don’t have this book but I ordered it last night after I read your post. You should get some commission. I am inspired just from reading your notes…I need to do this…really lay it out what I want….in writing! My thoughts are all over the place.

    You are keeping us in suspense…some of us would like to see what projects you’re working on…please feel free to share more of your lovely photography 🙂

    P.S. that little peek into your kitchen with the candle lit is so charming and warm…I’d like to hang out there.

  • tinajo

    I LOVE that book too – so much inspiration! 🙂

  • Nancy... Noticed

    Your blog inspires me with descorating ideas, and the Holly Becker’s Descorate would also help! What fun to see your kitchen plans!

    Only white towels for me too!

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