hello snow

Friday, February 8, 2013

IMG_0107 IMG_0090 IMG_0106Taken a few  minutes ago…I do love the snow, but only if the power stays on!


  • Eileen

    I’m with you, Annie! Praying the power doesn’t go…it will be freezing tonight!

  • Karen

    Those photos are absolutely gorgeous Annie. Love the front of your house! Man that looks so cold though….I really hope your power stays on and your family is home & warm!

  • kim

    Annie how lovely! I’m so envious of the gorgeous snow and scenery! I love your door and the hello! What a darling idea..I want your lamps and the numbers too..I don’t know how, but you put it together and everything looks so good. True curb appeal here!

    Have a beautiful snowy weekend (with power!)


  • Marianne

    First of all, how fabulous is your front porch! I love the ‘hello’ on the front door! I would love to have some snow, not a single flake this year. I do agree, as long as the power stays on it’s truly magical. Hope you stay nice and warm! Enjoy your weekend. xo

  • pve

    hello snow to you! enjoy the snow and stay warm.

  • flwjane

    Stay toasty and keep us posted.

    Hello to you also.

    A never ending fount of ideas you are.

    xo Jane

  • Kathy

    Goodness. It sounds like the snow is going to pile up. I do hope your lights stay on! The snow is beautiful and your front porch is, too. “Hello” is just perfect.

  • Ashlyn@Pinecone

    I agree completely. So far, so good over here – hope yours are still n too!! Loving your sweet Hello : ) xo Ashlyn

  • Lynn

    Brrrr…… it looks cold! But so pretty. I love your “hello” on the front door. So welcoming!

  • jackie @ marin mama cooks

    Hi Annie! Beautiful pictures. You truly captured the beauty of fresh fallen snow. Love, love your front porch and it so belongs in a magazine. I’m the same way, I love cozy rain or snow storms as well, but only when the power stays on and there is no damage 🙂 Here’s to a snuggly weekend and a power filled weekend 🙂
    xoxo, Jackie

  • classic•casual•home

    I LOVE your front door. Did you make that sign? I am going to pin this. Stay warm. I actually have the fireplace on here….lots of rain but sunny now (in Newport ). Ha…just a little weather report.

  • Sue/the view from great island

    Been thinking of you—hope the power cooperates!

  • fric and frac

    Looks beautiful! Hope your power stays on and you can enjoy it! That hello on your front door is so charming – a perfect reflection of your warm personality!

  • Nancy... Noticed

    What beautiful winter pictures! And, your front door is so lovely and welcoming on a snowy day… or any day!!! All the friendly touches in your home make me smile!! You’re amazing!

  • stefanie wall swain

    I will just echo what everyone else has already said… LOVE your whole front porch – door, greenery, house numbers, ‘hello’ on the glass…and your photography really is impressive! Here’s to a power-filled, warm and cozy weekend! xo

  • Mary Palumbo Collings

    Such a charming welcome… the snow looks gorgeous !

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