Friday Link Love + Painted Stone Fireplace

Friday, February 10, 2017

Friday Link Love + Painted Stone Fireplace

My most popular post on this blog and on my Pinterest has to do with painting our stone fireplace.  I have loved getting all your emails and photos of your stone fireplaces.  And know that any advice given is with a lot of consideration.   Painting brick or stone is fairly permanent and of course I don’t want to steer any one in the wrong direction.  I have seen some pretty terrible before photos and and have loved seeing your photos after you tackled the project.  Keep them coming—one day I would love to share everyone’s before and after fireplaces.  Send me your photos and permission if you want to share!  See our before at the bottom of this post.  (it’s from the real estate brochure).

Here’s a few things I’ve seen this week that I thought you might like:

This article about Math has you thinking about it in maybe a whole new way.

Now that I’m working part-time I don’t always have the time to do yoga or bar method classes.  Even though a class is only 60-75 minutes, it’s the planning your schedule around it, driving to the class and then home again. I still do classes at least twice a week, but the other days I mix in strength training with resistance bands.  I bought these.  Perfect for travel too.

And while we are talking about health and fitness, is stretching the new fitness fad?  Read this article.  They talk about it in years.  As in–how old are you in flexibility years?

Clutter can really weigh us down.  I know last year the craze was all about the Tidying up Book.  But what if you’re just not ready for that?  Here’s another way looking at de-cluttering that makes a lot of sense.  And at the end the year if you follow this plan you’ll have rid yourself 1,825 items.  isn’t that crazy to think about?

So I think this weekend I’ll get rid of 10 items.  That doesn’t seem so hard.  Hope you have a lovely weekend!  xo annie

Before (from real esate brochure)

This photo shows the fireplace before it was painted.  Photo is from the real estate brochure.











  • Stefanie Wall

    Wow, what a difference a coat (or coats) of white paint can make!! Love all of the links too. Have the loveliest of weekends, Annie. 😍

  • the gardeners cottage

    annie i adore your whole house but esp this room.! and thank you for the link. i’ve gotten rid of at least 300 items in my tiny house and i’m still going. lol. xo janet

    PS i got your lovely valentine in the mail. i’m bringing my hibiscus tea to work today to sip!


  • Garden, Home and Party

    What an impact! The room looks fresh and inviting. I saw several links in your post I’m off to visit. Thanks so much. Have a great weekend.

  • classic•casual•home

    I have been doing yoga twice a week and it’s harder than you would think…but the stretching feels great. I always show your fireplace for people who are considering it. I have one client now with the most beautiful quartzite stone…so we can work with it!

    Happy weekend!

  • kim

    Annie, I painted my fireplace too. Love it. I will send you pics. Great links, especially need to get rid of more. x Kim

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