DIY Valentine Card Kits

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I’m making DIY Valentine Card Kits for a few of my friends (or for their young children actually).  When my kids were little we always had a Valentine party.  I would put out stacks of paper cut into squares and hearts, stickers, felt and fabric and just about anything in red, pink and purple…  Since my kids are big, I thought why not put together a few supplies for my friends with young children and make each their own little Valentine card making kit.  So while making risotto last evening and in between stirring, I gathered all my supplies.   This morning I just cut the paper into shapes and divided the supplies into four groups.  I’m using boxes that I already had and just covered the label with a little washi tape.  It’s amazing the combinations you can come up with to create one-of-a-kind Valentine cards.

The supplies are simple….red, pink, white, black & purple construction paper cut into squares, rectangles.  Circles and hearts using a punch.  Felt and fabric squares, small envelopes that I found at Muji, tissue paper, paper dollies, stickers, mini clothespins and paper clips, velvet and grosgrain ribbons, red twine and pink bakers twine wound around small pieces of cardboard, stickers and a few other things like graph paper cut into squares.  Just about anything can be turned into a Valentine!

The personalized gift tag stickers are from tinyprints.  They are for another project that I’m working on for next week, but I could not resist using a few today.  I’ll be using these Valentine return address labels from tinyprints as well.  You can check out their Valentine items right here.


  • Michelle

    so sweet!

  • Nancy... Noticed

    I hope each of those lucky children who receive a Valentine Craft package, will send you one of their creations!

    You’re so thoughtful!

  • Stefanie Wall Swain

    Wow! When I first saw these and all the cute details — velvet ribbon, hearts, pom poms, doilies and pretty packaging — I couldn’t get over how cute and creative! And now to see the girls’ names — you are so thoughtful and gifted! Thank you for including us!!

  • pve

    my kind of sugar.

  • Jan

    Oh Annie…how adorable! As a former kindergarten teacher, I’m LOVING this idea. I’m going through my art closet right now to assemble a few boxes for younger friends! Why did I not think of this???

  • Domestic Cleaner

    Oh, how thoughtful of you! A DIY cleator encouraging young diy-ers – so sweet!
    I want to be a lucky child now (;

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