Christmas in a New England town

Monday, December 10, 2012

Our little town is pretty in the summer, colorful in the fall and spring, but at Christmastime…there’s just something magical about it.  Our house is a couple of blocks from town and most days if I need to make a trip to the bank or the post office, it makes no sense to jump in the car when we live so close to everything. It’s what we always wanted…I never miss reading the NY Times Sunday Real Estate section and this week there was an article that really hit home….called “Dream Home:  The Come-True Edition.  Apparently there are tons of us that long for a certain house or apartment on a particular block.  Living in a city or town we become a little voyeuristic.  The best time of day is of course at dusk…I finally have that cute little house on an in town street, that for right now is quite perfect.   What about you…are you living exactly where you want to be?  Crew Cuts in New Canaan at ChristmasChristmas in New CanaanChristmas in New Canaan, Elm StreetDesign Solutions on Elm Street, New Canaan, CTRalph Lauren on Elm Street in New Canaan, CTPimlico on Elm in New Canaan, CT

Photos taken at about 4:30pm EST…just before dark, but lights on in shops and homes…the perfect time for a walk.


  • Susan B.

    Oh, this brings back such memories! When my husband and I were newly married (a while ago now), we lived a few miles from here in the neighboring town to the west. Both of us grew up in the town immediately to the east of here. That first Christmas as newlyweds, I remember walking these streets, window shopping and discussing what we should get for our families. The town really does have a special feeling to it. When our kids were 3 and 1, we moved somewhat north, to an equally picturesque town with a Main St. and many beautiful homes and a bustling downtown, of which we took full advantage. (I logged so many miles with my double stroller on those sidewalks!) Now we find ourselves living in a town outside Boston that has a lot going for it, but is missing what you have captured so beautifully here. I hope to live in a special place like this again some day. Thank you for sharing these pictures and bringing back some good memories for me. All the best for a happy holiday season!!!

  • Jennifer Mastalski

    I was home this weekend and my mom and I took a long stroll down Elm Street window shopping. Everything was so beautiful. I wanted to drive around and look for christmas lights on all my favorite streets but the rainy weather nixed that. I will have to wait til I come back for Christmas for that!

  • Lori H

    Just dreaming over your photos…I always say that I want to live where I can walk to most things in town (I haven’t been able to since college and I loved it then). So, no I am not where I want to be but it’s not a bad place to be for now 🙂

  • Sherri Cassara

    I’m so happy for you Annie … it sounds wonderful! Everything looks so beautiful … especially that last store (Ah, all that white!!!).

  • the gardeners cottage

    annie, who wouldn’t want to live where you do? i swear it is one of the most picturesque towns in america or anywhere for that matter. you really are so blessed to live there and i know that you know that.:)

    i’m quite happy where i am. i do wish i was closer to an ocean. 😉


  • Lynn

    Annie……. it’s just dreamy! I love how you captured the feeling of the Christmas season in your photos.

  • Claudia Lane

    So pretty Annie…the shop in picture no 4 looks great and so does pic no 6 too. C xx

  • The Buzz Blog

    New Canaan does light up at night and the stores look particularly festive this time of year. How lucky that you can just stroll to town instead of battling for a parking space! We do live exactly where we want to live.
    C + C

  • Steve@UrbanCottage

    Holy cow, it’s so adorbs, Annie. Maybe I should move. You have a good Christmas tree nearby too!

  • flwjane

    I think I need to move to Connecticut…..but the winters do get a little long for me.

    Maybe I’ll just come to visit?

    xo Jane

  • Anne

    Oh my, what a timely post. First, let me say that your town looks like a dream, exactly what is wonderful about New England! We are very much in the midst of a ‘where should we live” time… if we didn’t have pets we would probably travel and live around the world, but realistically we need to settle. Nothing feels quite right, so I look for inspiration all the time, so will definitely read that article!

  • jeanne @ Collage of Life

    I know the feeling well…we live in Vietnam and today, bought a farmhouse in New Hampshire. It is exactly where I want to be…someday.
    I know your streets well…when we were first married with young children, we lived close by. We could walk to town…it was heavenly. 🙂
    Enjoy and best wishes for a wonderful holiday…
    Jeanne xx

  • Lizziefitz

    Charleston is the perfect spot for us right now. I love our home and feel so blessed to be surrounded by such gorgeous sites. Paris would be my next pick 🙂

    • Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

      OK, Charleston just popped out at me as I was scrolling down. I ADORE charleston. How lucky you are! we just visited again this summer, and I am always looking forward to coming back. Stop by Toast for me and have a fried green tomato blt, please?

  • Jackie @ Marin mama cooks

    I just LOVE your town. It’s perfect. You also look like you have some pretty cool shops there as well. The shop in the 4th photo down looks pretty interesting as well as the last one with the white reindeer. I love where I live, but to be honest, I would love to live one town over in Larkspur. Larkspur is a town a bit like yours and it has my favorite restaurants, shops etc., plus it’s walking distances to both kids schools. It also is right near all my favorite hiking and running trails. I ran my favorite trail today and had to drive there. I envied this other gal that got off the trail, as I got in my car, and she went sprinting off to her house. I do appreciate that I am in walking distance to my favorite gourmet grocery store as well as the local outdoor mall.

    I love dusk as well. Everything is so calm and it’s just such a warm and inviting time of night! I love peaking into the windows at night and seeing all the Holiday decorations.

  • Marianne

    You do live in the perfect town! I think I want to sell my house and move to Connecticut! It really all looks so magical this time of year. What a treat to be able to walk to all of those shops and not even have to get in your car. So glad you’re loving being back east again. What a dream!

  • pam prussel

    Ahhh. So envious. I loved that little town when I visited in September. I ate at the best little Mexican restaurant on Main St. It was beautiful then and looks even more enchanting now. You are indeed so lucky to live so close to such a magical place.

  • Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

    It looks lovely – so festive! You are a lucky girl Annie!

  • Jody

    Magical !!!

  • Nancy... Noticed

    What fond memories I have of walking your charming town! Although it has always been in the summer, the next time I hope it will be during the Christmas season.

    The warm glowing lights of your lovely Connecticut community at Christmas makes me think of the song; Silver Bells!

    City sidewalk busy sidewalks, dressed in holiday style… people passing… string of street lights, even stop lights blinking red and green… shoppers rushing home with their treasures…

  • Tabitha

    I don’t want to live where I do but I’m stuck here, are you sure you don’t need a nanny/housekeeper?

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