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Paint your walls black

Monday, February 1, 2016

Paint your walls black – I’m seeing a lot of very dark walls all over Pinterest and it seems it’s a trend.  I’ve been been embracing it for a while.  I must admit, I started in our previous home with just a partial wall painted black in our dining room.  For years everyone has been talking me out of painting walls black.  Paint is the answer to every design dilemma.  If you don’t like something, paint it white, (our stone fireplace), or if you’re feeling bold, go dark, like we did.

Paint your walls black

Shiplap Walls in the Kitchen

Our current home was built in 1900 and the garage was added probably during the 1970’s.  It’s actually in our backyard which means it needs to look good.  I had all kinds of big ideas which involved new barn like vertical siding, a new door and adding a window so it would look more like a guest house than a garage.  But then one weekend we said, “What if we just painted it black?”  So an afternoon and $100 in paint and it looks so much better.  It even improves our view from the kitchen.

Black Garage

Paint your walls black, Chalkboard Paint

Painting a chalkboard wall is the easiest thing you can do to add a little black paint.  If you don’t want an entire wall, you could  paint an end cabinet or a narrow wall.  It’s great for lists and birthday messages.  When I get tired of looking at the messy eraser marks, I just give it a quick fresh coat of chalkboard paint and we start all over again.

black and white photography on black walls

We used Benjamin Moore Graphite in the master bedroom, our son’s room and a tiny powder bathroom.  The walls, moulding and doors are all painted in graphite.  Our black and white photographs by Surf photographer Tom Servais have never looked better.  In California, we had them on white walls, but they look so much more dramatic on black.

Paint your walls black

I love how natural wood and bright colors look on black walls.  To see lots more ideas check out my Pinterest boards: Black, Dark and Moody, Black & White and Black, White, Wood & Sometimes Denim.




Greetings from Saratoga

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Just three hours from Manhattan and you’re in the quaint town of Saratoga Springs, New York.  I have been to horse races, but never Saratoga.  This year our family spent a beautiful weekend and enjoyed everything from betting on the horses to just soaking up the culture of being at an event with so much history.  Saratoga is the oldest race track in the United States and some say that it’s the oldest sporting venue in America.  The meet used to be just four days, but over the years, days were added and now it is around 40 days and generally concludes Labor Day weekend.  IMG_3255 IMG_3265 IMG_3295 IMG_3297 Horse racing is still one event that no matter where your seats are, you can walk up and get really close to the action.  Between races is the perfect time to find a spot for an up close view, place your bets or get something to eat….Like a Lobster Roll!  Yum!IMG_3222Greetings from SaratogaGreetings from Saratoga SpringsOver dinner we discussed what we would name a race horse, not that we are getting one, but it was entertaining.     I think Madeline had the best ideas, but you decide…   “Would You Like Fries with That?”  or  “On the Side” and the best one:  “Eyes Up Here”  What would you name a race horse?

DIY Father’s Day Gift Wrap idea

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Ever since I discovered how easy and inexpensive it was to use the Engineer prints from Staples I keep trying to come up with reasons to use them.  My kids are 18 and 14 so I kind of feel like we’ve done everything for Father’s Day…twice.  But using engineer prints for wrapping paper was super easy and new, at least for us.  You can upload photos from home to the staples website and have them shipped to you or select your store and pick them up a few hours later.  IMG_2459

DIY Father's Day Gift Wrap DIY Father's Day Gift WrapI chose photos from a recent trip we took to France and one from a trip to Amelia Island, Florida when the kids were little.  Amelia Island is one of our favorite spots and we have so many wonderful memories.  He’ll love the packages even before he opens them.  I purposely selected photos that were from the back.  I love photos taken this way and when I came across two photos from vacations that had a similar quality…I knew these were the ones.  The two prints were less than $5 and we just tied orange curling ribbon and used orange washi tape, his favorite color.  This post is featured on A Subtle Revelry todayThank you Victoria!

photos that a tell a story

Sunday, May 26, 2013

The other day I was passing through my friend’s mud room and I couldn’t help but notice all of their boots.  There’s just something about things in large numbers and in perfect order.  She has five beautiful girls and all of them, including their mom ride horses.  We took their riding boots and lined them up in front of a door at the Carriage Barn at Waveny.  She’s going to enlarge it and give it to her husband as a father’s day present.  I love photos that tell a story.  a photo that tells a storya photo that tells a story

French butter and shortbread cookies

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

While we were in Paris I stopped at quite a few grocery stores (or whatever they call them in Paris) and I remember reading that Nichole, the author of Paris in Color buys butter whenever she’s in Paris and brings it home to New Jersey.  So when on our last day I saw all that butter at the Le Grand Epicerie Paris ….I just knew some was coming home with me.  Nichole actually has an entire Pinterest board devoted to French butter.  I mean, I would have to agree…butter is amazing.  I watched Julie & Julia on my ipad while traveling and there’s lots of talk about butter so not surprising it was on my mind.  It’s an affordable luxury…and so with some of my French butter stash, I made shortbread cookies.  Bon Appetite!Ina Garten shortbread cookie recipeIMG_1634 shortbread cookies:3gridI used Ina’s recipe, but with a touch of Lorna.  Ina dips hers in dark chocolate and Lorna always used a lemon glaze and so that’s what I did.

around the house in black & white

Friday, March 29, 2013

a + b + DI think what I love about black and white photography is that it gives everything a timeless feel to it.  I mean Oreos look the same now as they did in 1912 and same with my husbands shoes all lined up in the closet against the black wall.  I was in the process of making Oreo shakes after school and decided to snap a photo…and then another and then a quick shot of the wall in our bedroom and the closet…because in black & white…it looks so neat and tidy.black & white photos around my house

Tucci lumber Co + made in america

Friday, March 22, 2013

Tucci Lumber Custom BatsWith the start of baseball season upon us, it’s pretty much top of mind around here and a few days ago we learned that there is a custom bat shop in Norwalk, Connecticut….about 15  minutes from home.  As soon as you walk in to Tucci Lumber Co., a family owned and run company,  you can smell the wood.   Patrick and one of the guys discussed bats for a while and then he chose an AP5 Maple wood bat.  He was able to customize it even further by choosing the color, logo and his name was engraved.   They get all the wood from a mill near Cooperstown, New York,  which I think adds to the charm.  When I went back a couple of days later to pick up his new custom bat,  I got a tour and was able to snap some photos.  I love this place and I love that they are hand made in America!

Tucci Lumber Custom BatsTucci Lumber Custom Bats,  Norwalk, CT Tucci Lumber Custom BatsTucci LumberTucci Lumber Custom BatsWe’re keepin it real…Patrick holding his new bat…dirty finger nails and all.

Fifth Avenue, NYC

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The other day I was walking along Fifth Avenue and noticed the Banana Republic store at 16th & 5th.  Inside was a large open space with two floors, gorgeous architectural details, warm wood and black and white marble floors…I could not help but wonder about the original occupant of this beautiful space. What was it before it was a Banana Republic?  The store clerks did not mind one bit that I was taking photographs and as I left actually thanked me for coming in.  No, thank you!550_madison_NYC550madison_NYC

around here…in black & white

Sunday, March 3, 2013

I love to edit photos and discover little details that I may not have even noticed when I was taking the photo.   This happens a lot when I’m in a crowded place.  I also love to shoot a simple subject, as in this case, objects in my china cabinet and turn those photos into black and white.  Today I was experimenting with light.  china & silver in black & white IMG_0294IMG_0297IMG_0375

Russ & Daughters in black & white

Saturday, March 2, 2013

russ and daughters appetizersruss and daughters appetizersRuss and Daughters Appetizers

russ and daughters russ & daughtersIMG_0091Russ & Daughters Appetizers_NYCRuss & Daughters on the lower east side is part of  New York City culture and history.   I’ve heard about, read about it, but being there and hearing what everyone was ordering and the food talk and the smells….really an unbelievable experience.  Russ & Daughters is a fourth generation business that started in 1914.  Not only is it the best food, but it’s prepared for you by family.  A true New York Experience.  When we were leaving I heard a little girl say to her mother, “I want to eat my pickle now.”  Her mother turned to her and said, “Why don’t we sit on the bench?”  I’m thinking, where is this bench?  It’s 32 degrees, it’s getting dark and they go outside and sit on the bench so she can have her pickle.  I love New York!

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