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Sunday, March 3, 2013

I love to edit photos and discover little details that I may not have even noticed when I was taking the photo.   This happens a lot when I’m in a crowded place.  I also love to shoot a simple subject, as in this case, objects in my china cabinet and turn those photos into black and white.  Today I was experimenting with light.  china & silver in black & white IMG_0294IMG_0297IMG_0375


  • Lynn

    LOVE your experimenting! Beautifully shot photos. You have a great eye.

  • Amber

    I love to take pics of simple objects too, especially food. I took some great shots last weekend of some glasses for a friend and I had so much fun with it. Today I got to practice taking pictures of moving objects at Sutton’s 1st soccer game. They weren’t all blurry, finally understanding photography better! Ha!

  • Tabitha

    Beautiful, isn’t it interesting how we see the details so much more in black and white?

  • René

    Your photos are beautiful! I agree that sometimes you notice more about the photo while editing. I also “see more” when the photo is black and white.

  • Rachel Schindler

    I made your butternut squash soup on Sunday and it was delicious…thank you for sharing.

  • Jennifer

    These photos are so beautiful. I love everything in black and white print…thanks for sharing these beautiful shots!

  • Adriana

    What a beautiful blog you have. I’m inspired by every single post. I can’t wait to take my camera out with me the next time I go anywhere. Perfection!

  • Steve@UrbanCottage

    You’ve really got a good eye. Your compositions are wonderful. Do you have any art training? If you don’t, it’s something you should consider pursuing.

  • The Buzz Blog

    Porcelain and pewter take on a beautiful sheen in black and white and we love the Cafe de Flor bowl! We hope you’re having a great Monday.
    C + C

  • Nancy... Noticed

    Annie, I see you in any number of career’s! Photographer being one! Lovely Black & White Photo’s!… You nailed the light!

  • Marianne

    You really need a book deal. 🙂

  • Karen

    Annie you really have the eye for beautiful, interesting shots. So pretty and intriguing in black and white. Awesome!

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